Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Burkes Garden Bird Species (September 2016)

Burkes Garden Bird Species (September 2016)
To view the list click the above link. Note: New species are added each year. Your help in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. The entries are logged into You can contact Clancey Deel at for any help that is needed.
The Map below shows the locations of "hotspots" for reporting birds in Burkes Garden.

Owl Pellets Idenification

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Common Nighthawk

Common Nighthawks roam the skies over treetops and grasslands.
During the day, they roost motionless on a tree branch, fencepost, or the ground and are very difficult to see.
It is active at dawn and dusk—nor closely related to hawks They are sometimes called "goatsuckers", due to the ancient folk tale that they sucked the milk from goats.
"Nighthawks were seen in Burkes Garden on August 31 (30), September 4 (6), September 5 (12), The Cove on September 6 (11) and Thompson Valley on September 7 (51)."